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Nazi tattoos were given to who


A few samples of concentration camp prisoners: Communist, Hungarian, Germans, Poles, Soviet prisoners, Gypsies, homosexuals, Romanies.

Pending : The assertion that the Germans dumped their criminal prison population into the concentration camp. ( Consider this a myth ) If any one has any more information on this rumor, let me know.


Below I have the links where I took these excerpts from. You can also simply copy any sentence below, paste it in a search engine and find the web pages this information is written in.

A lot of times you will find the very same information in multiple web pages. People copy stuff some one else wrote and paste it in their own web pages.


Who owns the endless information in these sites. Almost all of the information they write is a spin on stuff others wrote before these present day authors were ever born.

When you read any thing written by anyone about WW2 ... if they have a copyright on their web page, see if they have any information that others had not already written before these goofs were ever born... original or copy cats?

NO one owns any pictures taken by the Nazis

NO one owns any pictures taken by the allies as they went into concentration camps.

Copyrights are awarded to those who create original information, not to copy cats who copy what others wrote and change the wording.

The only people who could own any pictures during WW2, might be companies like Life Magazine. Government photos are public domain and no private goof can place images or information authored by others on their web pages and claim they are the rightful author to that which they have copied.


Below, excerpts from web pages

Five Million Often Forgotten

The Holocaust is usually taught as the mass genocide of almost six million Jews in Europe during World War II. But, more than five million others were also persecuted, tortured, tattooed and killed. These five million included innocent citizens - men women and children.


The Gypsy Holocaust

At Auschwitz, Gypsy prisoners wore a "Z" for Zigeuner (Gypsy) tattooed on their left arm

and a black triangle, for "asocial," was sewn into their clothes. ...

The Roma faced "scientific" and "medical" experiments in addition to death in the gas chambers.


Identification in Nazi camps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apr 28, 2009 ... The tattoo was the prisoner's camp number, sometimes augmented with a special ... Roma with letter "Z" (from German Zigeuner for "Gypsy").


Germany has paid billions in restitution to Jews

. For the most part, however, gypsies have received nothing. Otto Rosenberg is a survivor. The number Z6084 tattooed on his left arm ...


"Z" was also the tattoo that the Nazis engraved on gypsies' arms when they arrived in the camps

Tens of thousands of gypsies were... killed in Auschwitz alone.



During the Holocaust, concentration camp prisoners received tattoos only at one location, the Auschwitz concentration camp complex, which consisted of Auschwitz I (Main Camp), Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz and the subcamps).

Only those prisoners selected for work were issued serial numbers

Initially, the SS authorities marked prisoners... who were to be executed with their camp serial number across the chest with indelible ink.

"Because the dead was stripped of their clothes" ... the Nazis started tattooing in order to identify the bodies of registered prisoners who had died

Originally, a special metal stamp was used to create tattoos.

When the metal stamps did not work, a single-needle was used to draw the outlines of the serial-number digits onto the skin.

The tattoo was changed to the outer side of the left forearm. Other prisoners in 1943 had their numbers tattooed on the inner side of their left upper forearms.

Tattooing was generally performed during registration when each prisoner was assigned a camp serial number. Since prisoners sent directly to the gas chambers were never issued numbers, they were never tattooed.

Tattooing was introduced at Auschwitz in the autumn of 1941 when thousands of Soviet prisoners of war arrived at the camp... the SS authorities began to tattoo the prisoners for identification purposes.

At Auschwitz II (Birkenau), the Nazis began tattooing in March 1942 to keep up with the identification of large numbers of prisoners who arrived, sickened, and died quickly.

In the spring of 1943, the Nazis in the entire Auschwitz complex began tattooing almost all registered and newly arrived prisoners, including female prisoners. Exceptions to this practice were prisoners of German nationality and "reeducation prisoners,"

"Reeducation prisoners," or "labor-education prisoners," were... virtually all European nationalities (but at Auschwitz primarily Germans, Czechs, Poles, and Soviet civilians) .

The first prisoner numbers was introduced well before the practice of tattooing began.

A new prisoner numbers existed between 1941 and 1944. Approximately 12,000 Soviet POWs were given numbers from this series.

A third series of numbers was started in March 1942 with the arrival of the first female prisoners. Approximately 90,000 female prisoners were identified with a series of numbers created for female prisoners in March 1942 until May 1944.

[ NOT JUST 'Jews', all females were included. ]

Some of the Jewish prisoners (but not all) had a triangle tattooed beneath their serial number.

Beginning in February 1943, SS authorities issue two separate series' of number to Roma (Gypsy) prisoners registered at Auschwitz: one for the men and one for the women.

Gypsy prisoners were given the letter Z ("Zigeuner" is German for Gypsy) in addition to the serial number.


Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center / Education ...

Did All Jews in camps receive tattoo numbers on their arms? ... There are numerous Nazi policy statements available calling for the total extermination of ... Adolf Eichmann made the recommendation that the 'Gypsy Question' be solved


Tattoos were given to the prisoners on their right arm??? as an easier way of registration. Not all of the earlier prisoners had this tattoo, but the registered number of prisoners was 405,000

[ This web page put the tattoos on the right arm]


Large numbers of Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, gypsies, and homosexuals also died at Auschwitz.

On the unloading ramp, new arrivals would undergo selection Most women, children, and those that looked unfit to work were sent to the left; ... The left line meant immediate death at the gas chambers.


The image below was too grainy for me to enhance. The only thing I could do is remove the back ground from one boy to give you an idea of their health. To me they look like starving Ethiopian kids.

When the allies went into the prison camps, they got prisoners to strip naked so the world could see the physical condition they were living in.

Here we see little skeleton boys (maybe 3 to 6 years old) rescued by the allies.

But.. but.. but wait, in all of these 'Holocaust' web sites I am reading, they are telling us when the trains came in, the women and children that were unfit to work were sent to one side and immediately executed.

I wonder about these boys who were not killed when they got off the trains. What the Nazis had these boys doing, shoveling coal?

Women and children that were unfit to work, were executed immediately. Looks like a crock to me.


Those selected for forced labor ... were registered and received numbers tattooed.

About 65,000 of the tattooed inmates survived the camp experience.


"The concentration camp at Auschwitz was the only one to tattoo prisoners for identification. With such a large number of deaths, there were difficulties in identifying all the corpses. If the clothes with the camp number were removed from the corpse, one could no longer establish what the number of the deceased had been.

[ Here the reason given for tattoos is to count the number that had died ]

At the camp hospital, where many prisoners died, the staff began to write ill prisoner's camp numbers on their chests with indelible ink. When the mass extermination of Soviet prisoners-of-war... the camp administration decided to adopt tattooing.

[ Soviet prisoners of war are not 'Jews' ]

A number of German prisoners and so-called "reformatory prisoners" received no tattoo.

For unknown reasons, prisoners from several transports in 1943 were tattooed with camp numbers on the inside of their left shoulder.

"Max Bielas had a harem of little Jewish boys

. He liked them young, no older than seventeen. They were dressed like little princes... Bielas had a little barracks built for them that looked like a doll's house... Bielas sought in Treblinka only the satisfaction of his homosexual instincts."

[ Of course the heterosexual Germans in charge would have had their pile of 'little Jewish girls' ]


The German's efficient prison system also required log books that normally listed the prisoner's names, nationality, status or crime (being a Gypsy for instance), date of entry, and also dates of death and type of death. The dishonest Nazis would usually list fictitious deaths, marking another lie in a massive web of lies that aided their crimes.

Later, at the death camps, these records were not kept

. This is one reason tattoos were used for the prisoners not immediately killed at the largest death camp, Auschwitz II, Birkenau.


Sources of the ecerpts

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Looking for holocaust survivors with out tattos is hard. The first 50 images I looked at only showed the right arm or had the left arm covered.

If I do find uncovered left arms, the tattoo could be on the side not showing.


I do not like to give links because later they may no longer exist, but I will post them here, for any one who is reading this as I compose it.

Below I will just include excerpts from these links (while they are still active)


Where did the old Sala go? What happened in the camp? Why didn't she have a number tattooed on her arm?Sala's camps, they wore whatever clothes they had brought from home. Unlike the prisoners of Auschwitz, these men and women were not tattooed with numbers.


(Yet we will see 'Jews' at Auschwitz telling how they were not tattooed)





For years Robert Fisch devoted himself to his science. He told only his closet friends he was a Holocaust survivor.

"(The) Holocaust to me is a disease and you don't want to talk about your disease, you would like to forget your disease but you couldn't. The way I describe it, I was not tattooed but I was tattooed inside," Fisch says.


Judy Cohen has no tattoos from her time in Auschwitz- the camp left much deeper, far more permanent marks.


The women at Oberalstadt were not tattooed with numbers. Instead, they received numbered dog tags.


We were registered and those above the age of fourteen received a number on the arm. This was not tattooed..  but stamped in ink. This number faded after a few days


While at the start of the mass deportations the Germans made an attempt to register and tattoo those arriving in the camps, after a while the registration system collapsed under the overload, and tens of thousands of Hungarians were not tattooed at all.


Toby mentions that at Auschwitz she was not tattooed ...


My Holocaust experience is different from others. I have no tattoo, because I am a survivor of a less organized and methodical plan of annihilation. The Romanian methods were primitive and barbaric, but not less lethal than those of Nazi Germany. They did not bother with tattooing,


Almost all the children contracted tuberculosis. The prisoners used open latrines, and were allowed two showers each year. They were not tattooed with a number ...  Auerbacher’s mother worked as a nurse in the camp. She was allowed to live with her parents.

The worst day she can remember was Nov. 11, 1943, when the prisoners were herded into the field and surrounded by troops. Orders came down to separate the men, women, and children. The prisoners refused, holding onto each other. One soldier beat Auerbacher’s mother severely with a rifle.

The Russian army freed the prisoners from Terezin on May 8, 1945


Before I did this search, in other parts of the blog, I ask the question were tattoos given in the cities before people were sent to the concentration camp.

These pages make it appear that all Nazi tattooing was done after people got to the camps ???

*  Nazis did not run all camps.

*  Most Nazi camps did not tattoo.

*  In camps where Nazis did tattoo, there are 'Jews' who said they were there and they did not get tattooed.

*  From what I can gather thus far, the Nazi government made no decree of law that any one be tattooed.

*  Tattooing appears to be the hairbrain idea of some camp leaders (who did not enforce it for all 'Jews')

*  Tattooing had no practical purpose. 'Jews' were housed with all the other prisoners and worked in the very same places. (True or a concoction) on one program I watched a 'Jew' told how he let a non 'Jew' sodomize him for a piece of bread... The point being Tattooing had no function, except to waste the ink and time of Nazis in those camps that did it.

Below 'Jews' who admitted that they did not receive Nazi tattoos.






Serial Number sequence


If you are looking at Social Security Numbers or numbers assigned to convicts, they are assigned in number sequence. The next person to be given a number is given a number one digit higher than the last person.


Only a fraction of the prisoners came from Germany. Those who ended up in different prison camps came from multiple countries, vast distances apart.


If indeed it were the intent of the Nazis to use these numbers as identification marks, they could not duplicate the same numbers, so one question is :


a) What serial number method did the Nazis use for tattoos.

b) If the Nazis gave one person a number, did the next person in line get a number one digit higher?



When governments implement new laws

* The laws are placed in a government book of laws.

* The public is informed of that new law.


c) In what Nazi government book of laws is the law written that any segment of the population must receive tattoos?


How did the 'Jews' know they were required to get these laws

d) Were they sent letters


e) Was it published in the newspapers that all 'Jews' were required to get the tattoos?

Give evidence of how 'Jews' were informed they would have to get identification tattoos



After the 'Jews' were informed they must get tattoos, what was the procedure


f) Did the families go to a government office and stand in line to get these tattoos?

IF they got the tattoos before they got to the camps, explain where they got them and what the procedure was.



Most of the tattoos look crude to me (some thing like hoods in junior high would inflict on themselves).


g) Explain the method used by the persons who gave the tattoos.



When they give close ups of the piles of naked bodies in Nazi trenches


h) What does it mean, when we see those skeleton bodies with no tattoos.



i) What does it mean when we see people who claimed to have been in concentration, but they have no nazi tattoos?




j) Does any one claim they got their tattoos in the concentration camps?


k) If they make such claims, why would the Nazis bother to place tattoos on any one they intended to kill?





If the Nazis put tattoos on 'Jews' for identification purposes, why would they put them on the arm above the wrist where they could be concealed by a shirt or coat?

A simple letter J, placed on the left cheek where beards do not grow, would identify every 'Jew' that had been tattooed.

Forged papers nor being covered with clothes in the dead of the winter would conceal the identification mark.



The mark would not even need to be a j, it could be a simple large dot (red better than blue ink) would identify all undesirables who walked in the public.


In the prison camps, no one would need any mark to identify them as one of the undesirables. Tattoos for identification purpose would be of no possible use in a prison camp.


If there were any possible reason to weed out the 'Jews' from the other undesirables in the prison camps, again a simple color code on the left cheek would be cheaper and faster than badges / emblems.


Why would the Nazis be so goofy to waste their time with recording a sequence of numbers, taking time to tattoo a series of numbers, creating patches, rounding people up and having them sew on the patches, when a simple colored dot on the left cheek would identify them as undesirables?

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 tattoo-78.jpg Some

*  Tattoos have a little diamond below the numbers some do not.

*  Mostly there are 5 or 6 digits in the numbers.

*  Some times the tattoos are on top of the arm, some times they are on the bottom of the arm.




The tattoo above is on the back of the hand side of the arm. I couldn't make out the numbers even when I tried to enhance it so I left it as I found it.




* The image with the kids comes from a movie camera. I have seen that segment of the movie many times. They just copied one frame out of the film.


*  Because it has kids, they take this clip and stick it in about every 'documentary' they ever make.


*  I can not conceive why the Nazis would find a need to tattoo kids in a concentration camp.


* The kids are posed like they are showing tattoos, but in the film you can not make out any thing. I am guessing they used 16 mm film and to blow up that many people from a frame that size, makes it impossible to show detail.


*  I also noted in the film, none of the children had stars that you could see sewed on their clothes.


*  The 'Jews' tell that they were all shaved and their hair was used by the Nazis. Here none of the kids have their hair shaved off.





*  This old floozy looks like Tammy Bakker . If you hit her on the back of the head her face would fall off.

*  How is it that there are a whole bunch of women claiming to be in the prison camps with no tattoos and yet other women have these tattoos?

*  It was too grainy to enhance to see the number.



The tattoo above looks like it has a B - and 3 numbers.




*  This tattoo is neither on the top or bottom of the arm, but more on the thumb side

*  This tattoo does not look like the hand writing of almost all others, but it looks more like a stencil or typed letters.

*  11615, easy to read. (5 digits)





 *  Pretty clear 168904, on the back of the arm.

 *  No diamond below the numbers.





*  Show and tell, look at my Nazi BOO BOO

*  Poor wittle me .. as he shows his mark over and over.

*  Too far away to see any numbers

*  It is an easy note to see that his skin is the same color as the Nazis/Germans, Poles, Russians and rest of the Europeans. (NOT the brown/black of the Asian/African natives of the bible accounts)




*  On top of the arm 140603

*  No diamond below the numbers.


I am not sure what the meaning of the diamond is?






I didn't read the caption of this image I found, but it shows how easy it would be to fake a Nazi Tattoo for the cameras of the allies. The actual ink had a dark blue tint, but the color would have been close enough for black and white film used by the allies.




The yellow print is my own numbers

The tattoo is easy to read and it has no diamond below the numbers.



*  Tattoo on the back of the arm

*  They use a dash in the number

*  No diamond below the number.





*  5 digits in this number

*  Some of the 7s have a line through them, some do not 



*  This tattoo looks like it has a diamond or 6 below it?

*  The enhanced version is above



*  Here is another tattoo with the diamond below the numbers






 * First letter I am not sure

* - 6563

*  No diamond



*  No detail, just in a CNN article




* My number is added on the left

* On the right is the actual number and it had a very distinct diamond under it.


Using your own image search you can find all of the images I have used and more.








*  This was a large image, very clear, no diamond.



*  Too grainy to be sure

*  This one is on top of the arm.





*  Three very white Europeans show their tattoos, on the underside of their arms.






 I guess the top is a newspaper clipping of a Jew toddler with a Nazi tattoo and below is a Jew. You can't make out the letters on the tattoos.

Imagine the need to tattoo a 2 year old kid, can you imagine any reason to do so?






 There is no detail in this one. I included this because it was published by Life Magazine.

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Tattoos 01

Did only 'Jews' receive Nazi tattoos


Tattoos 02
Where people

a) Only tattooed before they got to the camps

b) Before and after they got to the camps

c) After they got to the camps


Tattoos 03

Why would then need to have tattoos before they got to the camps?

Did Germans have to roll up their sleeves in order to buy or sell?


Tattoos 04

Why wouldn't the Germans have placed the tattoos on 'Jew' faces?


Tattoos 05

Why would 'Jews' need tattoos in German prison camps .. so they could be told apart from the German guards?

What would be the purpose of tattoos in German prison camps?


Tattoos 06

If non 'Jews' also had tattoos, why don't we see the information published about them?


Tattoos 07 If the Nazis intended to kill 'Jews' they were sending to those camps, why would they bother to tattoo them?


Tattoos 08 Where outside prison camps were these tattoos given?


Tattoos 09 Were all tattoos the same mark, or were different marks given to identify individuals?


Tattoos 10

After WW2 there were people fleeing from Europe to South America, America and Canada.

The Nazis got false identities to immigrate. How hard would it be for Nazis to tattoo themselves and come into our countries with the fake identity of being 'Jewish"


Tattoos 11

How difficult would it be for any one to forge a similar tattoo to fake being a victim of the Nazis?


Tattoos 12

Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

In the past, 'rabbis' / 'Jews' have taught it was forbidden to be tattooed. If some one can find any of this info in the Talmud or other wabbi text, let me know...

Leviticus 19:28? Ye shall not ... ?print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

Hmmmm is this 'Jew' one who follows the laws given to the Israelites?


Master index page and Instructions how to contribute or challenge, assertions of these web pages are here.


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