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Serial Number sequence


If you are looking at Social Security Numbers or numbers assigned to convicts, they are assigned in number sequence. The next person to be given a number is given a number one digit higher than the last person.


Only a fraction of the prisoners came from Germany. Those who ended up in different prison camps came from multiple countries, vast distances apart.


If indeed it were the intent of the Nazis to use these numbers as identification marks, they could not duplicate the same numbers, so one question is :


a) What serial number method did the Nazis use for tattoos.

b) If the Nazis gave one person a number, did the next person in line get a number one digit higher?



When governments implement new laws

* The laws are placed in a government book of laws.

* The public is informed of that new law.


c) In what Nazi government book of laws is the law written that any segment of the population must receive tattoos?


How did the 'Jews' know they were required to get these laws

d) Were they sent letters


e) Was it published in the newspapers that all 'Jews' were required to get the tattoos?

Give evidence of how 'Jews' were informed they would have to get identification tattoos



After the 'Jews' were informed they must get tattoos, what was the procedure


f) Did the families go to a government office and stand in line to get these tattoos?

IF they got the tattoos before they got to the camps, explain where they got them and what the procedure was.



Most of the tattoos look crude to me (some thing like hoods in junior high would inflict on themselves).


g) Explain the method used by the persons who gave the tattoos.



When they give close ups of the piles of naked bodies in Nazi trenches


h) What does it mean, when we see those skeleton bodies with no tattoos.



i) What does it mean when we see people who claimed to have been in concentration, but they have no nazi tattoos?




j) Does any one claim they got their tattoos in the concentration camps?


k) If they make such claims, why would the Nazis bother to place tattoos on any one they intended to kill?





If the Nazis put tattoos on 'Jews' for identification purposes, why would they put them on the arm above the wrist where they could be concealed by a shirt or coat?

A simple letter J, placed on the left cheek where beards do not grow, would identify every 'Jew' that had been tattooed.

Forged papers nor being covered with clothes in the dead of the winter would conceal the identification mark.



The mark would not even need to be a j, it could be a simple large dot (red better than blue ink) would identify all undesirables who walked in the public.


In the prison camps, no one would need any mark to identify them as one of the undesirables. Tattoos for identification purpose would be of no possible use in a prison camp.


If there were any possible reason to weed out the 'Jews' from the other undesirables in the prison camps, again a simple color code on the left cheek would be cheaper and faster than badges / emblems.


Why would the Nazis be so goofy to waste their time with recording a sequence of numbers, taking time to tattoo a series of numbers, creating patches, rounding people up and having them sew on the patches, when a simple colored dot on the left cheek would identify them as undesirables?

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