Sunday, June 21, 2009





 tattoo-78.jpg Some

*  Tattoos have a little diamond below the numbers some do not.

*  Mostly there are 5 or 6 digits in the numbers.

*  Some times the tattoos are on top of the arm, some times they are on the bottom of the arm.




The tattoo above is on the back of the hand side of the arm. I couldn't make out the numbers even when I tried to enhance it so I left it as I found it.




* The image with the kids comes from a movie camera. I have seen that segment of the movie many times. They just copied one frame out of the film.


*  Because it has kids, they take this clip and stick it in about every 'documentary' they ever make.


*  I can not conceive why the Nazis would find a need to tattoo kids in a concentration camp.


* The kids are posed like they are showing tattoos, but in the film you can not make out any thing. I am guessing they used 16 mm film and to blow up that many people from a frame that size, makes it impossible to show detail.


*  I also noted in the film, none of the children had stars that you could see sewed on their clothes.


*  The 'Jews' tell that they were all shaved and their hair was used by the Nazis. Here none of the kids have their hair shaved off.

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